Sunday, 2 December 2012

Cat® Gas Generators


Gas Generators

Caterpillar's gas generators offer you a stronger probability to expertise the continual power generation with most advanced technologies. With over 80 years of expertise in gas engines and generators, we tend to deliver the trade best power generators for various applications.

Ratings from 11 kilowatt  to 6,200 kW, these gas  generators models area unit accessible at varied voltages and configurations. These  power generator sets area unit  ideal for residential, industrial similarly as  industrial usage. Integrate a lean-burn technology, these gas generators provide high potency to the end-user. To confirm  associate degree increased  sturdiness, these  power generators go with  a  strong construction.

gas generators
Caterpillar gas engines make certain high dependability and economy in varied operations in the slightest degree close conditions. For optimized performances, these prime power generators feature digital controls. These power generators conjointly feature various straightforward applications for energy economical combined heat & power. With its low emission operation, these gas generator models guarantee fuel flexibilities to customers. These continuous power generation models deliver a homogenous performance with lower life-cycle prices


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  2. Diesel generators are the best power alternative for many purposes.

    1. Thanks for the comments...Not only diesel generators, gas generators,home generators, gas turbines are also used for many purposes..You can get more details on

  3. Gas generators are in great demand now a days. Can you tell me why? Is this due to cheap power source or what?

  4. One or more Diesel generator manufacturers operating without a connection to an electrical grid are referred to as operating in island mode, which features several parallel generators that provide the advantages of redundancy and better efficiency at partial loads.

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  6. According to Gas Generator manufacturers, In Gas Generators, Usually, the propellants are burned in a highly fuel-rich mix to keep flame temperatures low — O:F ratios below 0.5 are common.

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